Our Wedding Day

I always thought that I would be that person who spent a year planning our perfect day. The big poofy dress and my favorite flowers. ALL of my friends there and dancing. Yeah – as it has become apparent, that’s just not us. Travis and I had both been married previously and this time we just really wanted to make it about us. About our day. We didn’t want to wait. Those that know us know we had a complicated road to get to our happily ever after. But once we were committed with all loose ends tied up, we wanted to be married and we wanted it now.

The day was peaceful. We woke up, went and grabbed some chick-fil-a for breakfast. We came home and started getting ready. There was no stress and we were both just peaceful and content with what we were doing that day.

We decided to get married at the local courthouse. It was the same place we got our license, and for a small fee of thirty dollars we had a nice little ceremony. Because we live at the beach they even had a cute little beachy tiki hut of sorts for us to do it in. Much better than a courtroom anyway.

The lady doing our ceremony – though dressed in a hot pink top and jeans – made it heartfelt and even got me tearing up a little.

Though there were other people talking in the clerks office I didn’t hear a single thing besides Travis saying his vows to me.

When she said we were husband and wife I felt like everything we had been through together, all of our time spent apart, it was all worth it.

Thank you to my wonderful mom who brought us the flowers, even if Travis’s boutineer was trying to escape for most of the ceremony.

My family was there but unfortunately his was unable to attend. But they were in our hearts the whole day.

After we finished the ceremony we went out to Jacksonville Beach to take some pictures.

This picture above is my favorite. Just seems very fitting for us starting out our journey as husband and wife.

It was beautiful and windy!

And minus one tiny little run in that my sister had with a seagull I’d say it was pretty worth it.

This picture above was the last one taken while we were out celebrating and eating our favorite food – Japanese. Thank you to everyone who supported us and loved us while we were on our journey to husband and wife. We love you all.